EIA & EMP Guidelines

The BEST Commission provides guidelines for Environment Impact Assessments (EIA) and Environment Management Plans (EMP) for Industrial, Commercial and Residential developments throughout The Bahamas’ archipelago. All non-Bahamian and/or foreign companies seeking to provide EIA services in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas are required to have the following prior to commencing any related activities leading to the development of an EIA document for review:
  1. Pre-Approval by the BEST Commission to produce an EIA Document
  2. Local Business License
  3. Work Permits for all persons involved in the production of the EIA document.


All local companies seeking to provide EIA services require pre-approval by the BEST Commission. In addition to the following:

  1. Current Business License
  2. Valid work permits for all foreign persons involved in the production of the EIA document

Proposed Sectoral EIA Guidelines include the following:

  • Housing Developments
  • Marinas & Ports
  • Agricultural Developments & Operations
  • Industrial Operations
  • Energy Industries
  • Manufacturing
  • Extractive Processing
  • Development in Sensitive Areas
  • Aquaculture and Mariculture Developments
Please contact the BEST Commission for the appropriate EIA guidelines for your specific development or industrial proposal.

Local Consultants

This is a list of the local consultants that are available to BEST Commission.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

& Environmental Management Plan (EMP) Documents


The following EIAs and EMPs are provided in Adobe PDF format for viewing or download:

Abaco Club Investments, LLC - Little Harbour Members Docking Facility

Please note that the documents are also available for viewing at the offices of the BEST Commission.